Aussiespeed Slant 6 Manifold Line Up

Here is a little bit of info regarding different model Aussiespeed Slant 6 long and short runner intake manifolds. Each manifold has its own purpose related to what will and wont fit in your engine bay.

Aussiespeed AS0023



AS0023 Long Runner 2 Barrel manifold, the manifold is supplied to suit 350, 500 CFM Holley carburetors. We have had customers re drill them to accept 2 barrel Carter and Weber 2 Barrel carbs.

Aussiespeed AS0024


AS0024 Long runner 4 Barrel Slant 6 manifold, We have supplied customers world wide with this intake, It delivers great torque across a very wide power range. It a great performer if you have the room under the hood.


AS0024 Aussiespeed manifold fitted with a direct port nitrous oxide fogger system.


Another angle of the Aussiespeed AS0024 fitted with the fogger Nitrous oxide set up.

Aussiespeed AS0225

as0225 blower

The AS0023 and AS0024 are the 2 intakes that are from our long runner family as well as the AS0225 which is a long runner supercharger manifold that guys have adapted different types of blowers .

Aussiespeed AS0199


The AS0199 is a 2 piece intake that has a bolt on top, it can be used with a 2 barrel adapter, 4 barrel adapter in traditional primary to the front secondary to the rear. We also make an adapter that sits the carb sideways, primaries away from the engine and secondaries close to the rocker cover.

Aussiespeed AS0199/AS0214

as0199 aussiespeed short runner manifold slant 6


The 2 Barrel Version of the Aussiespeed Short runner manifold has the interchangeable top cast in bosses for fuel injectors or nitrous oxide.

Aussiespeed AS0199/AS0212


as0199 4 barrel slant six manifold

The 4 barrel version for mounting the carb in the standard front to back mounting position.

Aussiespeed AS0199/AS0213


This manifold and adapter allows for squarebore carbs to be mounted sideways.

photo 1

The AS0199 with its side ways mounted AS0213 Adapter fitted.

Aussiespeed AS0299


The tallest Slant 6 manifold in the Aussiespeed Slant 6 line up is the AS0299, it accepts both north/south & east/west carb positions of squarebore carbs only.


The manifold feeds from either side of the plenum unlike many other inline 6 cylinder performance manifolds.

Aussiespeed AS0470


The AS0470 is a low profile short runner manifold for slant 6 engines.


The dual bolt pattern carb flange accepts a wide range of Holley, Barry Grant & Quick Fuel Squarebore Carbs


The AS0470 as you can see has a very low line plenum for hood clearance. The manifold has been used with single 4 barrel, EFI throttle body, Blow through Turbos and side mount superchargers.


The Short runner Aussiespeed Slant 6 manifold has been used successfully with both plate and fogger nitrous oxide systems.

Aussiespeed AS0042


The all new AS0042 is a short runner blower intake that will accept a Weiand 142 or Weiand 144 and with various adapters a M90 GM Buick type supercharger with integrated bypass valve can be fitted as well as the Eaton M112. We have not fitted other superchargers like the Magnuson or Whipple but with some re engineering the list of superchargers that can be fitted to this intake is endless.