Aussiespeed Slant 6 Performance Products

If you are building a Slant 6 Chrysler engine then you need to check out the Aussiespeed range of products for the Valiant Slant 6. The range of intake manifolds, exhaust headers in tubular and the Cast Iron Dutra Duals as well as valve covers and Evil Camshaft and Valve Train Equipment..

AS0570 Valiant Chrysler 2 barrel manifold slant 6.

Pictured above is the AS0570 Aussiespeed AS0570, it is a short runner 2 barrel intake manifold that accepts 2 barrel carburettors.

It is drilled to accept Weber 2 barrel and Holley 350 or 500 2 barrel carbs.

AS0023 Aussiespeed 2V Hurricane Manifold

The Aussiespeed AS0023 long runner manifold to suit Chrysler Slant 6 engines might look like it is designed for and all out slant 6 Valiant race motor but isnt. While the runners are longer than any other 2 barrel slant six manifold made the cross section of the port is not as big as you would think. With thousands of these been sold around the world is its cool looks and great throttle response with a 2 Barrel carb it is well worth considering.

AS0199-AS0214 Aussiespeed 2 Piece Manifold Slant 6

If you are not sure if you want a 2 barrel or 4 barrel manifold for you performance slant 6 engine here is one to consider. The AS0199/AS0214 is purchased as a 2 barrel intake manifold with the advantage of an interchangeable top plate.  By purchasing a different top plate the manifold can be upgraded to accept a 4 barrel Holley or Quick Fuel Carb.

AS0199-AS0213 Short Runner Slant 6 manifold 2 Piece.

The controversial discussion about mounting your carburettor forward or sideways on a slant six pops up all the time. The Aussiespeed 2 Piece manifolds offer an easy way of changing out your carburettor to try it in either configuration.

AS0199-AS0212 Short runner 2 piece front to back 4 barrel manifold.

Aussiespeed Slant 6 2 piece intake manifold, by swapping the top this manifold does the job of 3 different models. Four barrel square bore carburetor runs in the front to back position.

AS0470 Slant 6 Aussiespeed Low Plenum Short Runner Manifold.

Slant 6 manifold has been used with blow through superchargers like Torqstorm and blow through superchargers. The Aussiespeed  AS0470 was designed to fit where tight hood clearance is a problem. While there is a trade of in plenum volume not everyone wants a hole in there hood.

AS0299 Tall Plenum Aussiespeed Slant 6 Manifold.

Aussiespeed Slant 6 manifold has a tall plenum and while the runners are short it is a good performer through the rev range. Has the provision for nitrous and fuel injectors on the mounting flanges it has been a popular manifold for slant 6 owners where there is plenty of bonnet clearance.

AS0042 Supercharger or Dual Carb intake Manifold For Slant 6.

Aussiespeed AS0042 offers Slant 6 owners something different when it comes to custom induction. While it was designed to accept the 142 144 Weiand supercharger with an adaptor from the Aussiespeed range a Blower Shop 192 and GM 4/71 super charger can be fitted. The M90 Buick V6 supercharger has also seen its home on one of the AS0042 intake manifolds the wider base of the super charger requires an adapter.

AS0042-AS0139 Dual Quad intake manifold.

Slant 6 with Dual Quads or 2×2 carburetors looks and sounds great and when set up correctly can offer great drivability. People say that would was the fuel off the bores. The thing to remember is an engine needs an amount of air to get it to run. The correct amount of fuel is needed to ignite the charge. If 2x 450 CFM vacuum secondary carburettors are used the total CFM should be 900 CFM. Ok we know even the healthiest slant six isnt going to need that amount of air flow. With 8 venturies if we divide that we have 112.5 cfm per barrel. If the 2 primary throttles of the carbs are used its only 450 cfm at wide open throttle. While this may not be the best induction set up for performance it really looks cool.

AS0024 Hurricane Long Runner 4 Barrel Manifold.

The AS0024 Aussiespeed long runner 4 barrel manifold is the Star of the line up. It has been trialed and tested and appearances in many videos on you tube, was a main component on the Gotham Garage Petersen Built XNR concept car Net flix television shows Rust To Riches. This intake has been sent to customers through North and South America, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, Greece and many other places abroad.

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