Commodore V6 Alloy Rocker Covers.

It took a while but we got there, a quality V6 Commodore replacement valve cover that isnt made of plastic and uses a trusty old paper gasket.

as0109r-l67-valve-covers - 1

Available in 2 styles and a variety of surface finishes these sand cast V6 commodore aluminum rocker covers are CNC machined and use a thick die cut gasket that is the first of its kind to fit the L67 engines.

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Part Number For Ordering Is

AS0109/AS0099. with an after prefix R= Raw , P= Polished.

Available as a standard replacement with oil filler cap fitted to one side that uses the factory fitted oil cap.
The CNC machining process include.
CNC machined out rim for injector clearance and gasket sealing face
Hold down bolts drilled and counterbored
Top face machined flat can be polished, machined with custom logo, The covers can be powder coated or sanded to a satin finished.

as0099r-l67-valve-covers - 1

The underside shows a flat machined gasket sealing face with through bolts that apply even pressure across the entire gasket sealing face.

These pictures show the different style oil cap covers that can be used to disguise the plastic oil cap.


AS0099/AS0109R rocker covers and AS0117R-0 oil cap cover.


AS0099/AS0109R rocker covers and AS0117P-0 oil cap cover.

as0109r-as099-as0117-1-l67-valve-covers - 1

AS0099/AS0109R rocker covers and AS0117P-1 oil cap cover.


AS0099/AS0109R rocker covers and AS0117P-3 oil cap cover.


AS0099/AS0109R rocker covers and AS0117P-AS oil cap cover.

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The tooling to cut the rocker cover gasket is precise to fit the valve cover and are also made right here in Australia.

v6-supercharged-rocker-cover-gaskets - 1

The AS0099-L67 is a die cut gasket cut from a paper used by many original equipment manufacturers. It is not recommended that these replace o ring gaskets on factory rocker covers due to the stepped sealing face.

v6-supercharged-rocker-cover-spacers - 1

Billet rocker cover spacers are available in 6mm and 10mm for engines requiring taller valve covers when A custom valve train is used.