Superchargers importing or buying used

With the release of many of the manifolds and components related to the Aussiespeed street supercharging range, we thought we would let potential customers some of the superchargers that can be fitted to the Aussiespeed manifolds.


Aussiespeed manifold with the blower pad to mount the 142/144 can be purchased undrilled if you are wanting to build your own kit.


Supercharger base plate allows the fitment of an M90 Eaton to Aussiespeed manifolds and can be purchased not machined for your own custom install.


This allows fitment of the Weiand 177 supercharger to a 142 or 144  manifold


This makes fitting the M112 Eaton supercharger to a 142 or 144 manifold a lot easier

The Aussiespeed manifolds based on the 142/144 Weiand, Holley and B&M bolt pattern all use the drive from the small block Chevrolet V8 long water pump this is the correct length and on some models a top pulley coupler is supplied to get the correct alignment. The part number of the drive is WE-6070 in a satin finish and WE-6071 in a polished finish.


Weiand Supercharger drives are available in polished and satin finish.

On some engines the factory Weiand / B&M / Holley spring loaded belt tensioner is used and on some engines this is replaced by the Aussiespeed unit. The information below is simply to warn potential customers of some of the down falls related to purchasing supercharger kits online from sellers online, auction sites, forums and social media sites. Before you make your purchase remember that when it comes to purchasing over seas it all looks good until you get loaded up with the following fees, charges and unfortunately the conman who troll the internet. We are not trying to scare you into buying from us but just wanted to relay an experiences from a customer recently..


The customer purchased a supercharger from an online auction site in the USA and though great i have found a supercharger for $1200.00 USD buy it now that was listed as a low mileage 142 with all components to fit to a small block chevy.. When the kit arrived in Australia the buyer found.


GST was charged, plus a fee from customs for processing the import, proof of payment { needed a commercial invoice } and nearly got charged storage as the seller didnt not want to forward a receipt and it took around 2 weeks to get a copy of his credit card statement linked to his paypal account. This was allowed for payment proof that attracted a { fee of $53.00 international transaction fee} . The figures below are some rough figures he told us..

Purchase $1200.00 USD = $1411.16

Shipping $295.00 USD = $340.00

GST $175.12 AUD.

Customs Inventory fee $92.00 AUD

Credit Card Fee $53.00

Total. $2071.28 Then a new drive had to be purchased that was around $900.00 so at just under $3000.00 for a used supercharger i hope for the buyers sake the housing isnt warped or the rotors dont have big scours or damage.



Someone advestised a used Weiand supercharger on a race engine parts for sale site, the listing said every thing you would want to see its brand new never used, going a different way with the build, can ship anywhere and all the pictures straight from google. Bargain $900 USD can supply ignition system, carburetor, fuel pump and a bunch of other stuff. The guy though great he can get all this stuff for $1500.00 USD plus shipping the guy said he had a buddy who should be able to get it shipped to Australia for $175.00 USD. The seller said send me $300.00 deposit with an international money sending firm then he would get it boxed up and workout the shipping. The guy in Australia sent the $300.00 USD and has never heard from the guy again. Cash was sent and guess what it couldnt be traced and cooperation from the other end was non existent.. So if he can scam 3 people for $300.00 each its $900.00 if he gets 10 its $3000.00. We are not trying to scare you into buying your supercharger from us all we want to do is to make people aware of some of the things that can go wrong,  Please be careful if it sounds to good to be true it normally is.. We hope this info might save a few people from being separated from there hard earned cash.

In 2015 Aussiespeed will be adding over 60 new products to our supercharging range, this will make supercharging 4,6 & 8 cylinder engine easier than ever before.

Weiand-super-charger-kit new-weiand-supercharger-kit