Supercharging components Holden 6

Aussiespeed has been working on the components including manifolds for superchargers, drives pulleys and tensioner kits Holden 6 cylinder red, blue and black motors. We are going to start at the front of the engine to show what can be supplied by Aussiespeed and some of the additional things that will be required or that you can make or source your own.


Pictured is a Holden 6 cylinder red motor harmonic balancer on the right and a black/blue balancer on the left. The balancers have all the same dimentions except that the rear section of the outer ring on the black / blue is thicker. The timing mark on the balancer on both models are different. You can use a blue/ black balancer on a red but remember the timing mark is in a different position.

When it comes to what brand what material and what type of balancer we could spend hours discussing it. The balancer we are using and supply with street engines is a standard cast factory harmonic balancer that is stripped the seal area is easy sleeved and the outer ring is chemically bonded to the centre hub.


It is a bit difficult to see but you can see small dimples in the the area where the rubber bonds the inner and outer of the balancer. The balancer is placed in a jig to locate every thing perfect then A 2 part rubber compound is injected into the two halves  then the balancer is cooked in an oven for a length of time to enable the rubber to cure. We know there are other companies with other methods of manufacturing and modifying balancers and we have tried most. We dont run our own supercharged or modified engines without a chemically bonded balancer regardless of brand unless we are assured the product is chemically bonded.


This is a powerbond balancer that was supplied by a customer that has had the centre machined to accept the Aussiespeed bolt on lower supercharger pulley and has also been chemically bonded as the rubber had failed.


The step machined in the balancer locates the drive hub and the better the fit the less problems you will have with belt alignment and the crank hub and pulley being mounted centrally on the crank. Simply relying on 3 bolts for aligment would be a bad decision, the bolts hold the hub in place and are not the thing that does the alignment. Sure you can run additional woodroof keys and wider keys that require additional machine work to the crank but we are only looking at supercharging for street engines running mild boost.


This hub is of a Holden 6 cylinder engine and is similar to what is supplied by Aussiespeed without the larger lightning holes. Note the small spiggot in the centre hub it is what does the location of the hub to the crankshaft and balancer. The outer ring of the crank hub extends past the outer ring of the balancer for an added bit of insurance similar to the balancer guard fitted to the xu1 Torana.


With the crank hub fitted to the balancer note the outer ring covers the bonded rubber joint incase of balance failure. The supercharger drive pulley locates to the hub and has 4 bolts to secure it to the hub.


This picture shows a Romac balancer that was purchased new and was chemically bonded before fitting. The blower crank hub differs from the standard Holden balancer and has the location on the backside of the crank hub. The bottom pulley can be switched to be used on any Aussiespeed supercharger drive snout with the 4 bolt quick fit hub.


The drive snout pictured has been converted to accept Aussiespeed quick fit 4 bolt supercharger pulleys, Location of the supercharger needs to be considered when fitting a bolt on style hub.


This is the Aussiespeed supercharger pulley quick fit hub available in various lengths. The hub has a 3/16 key way slot and is supplied with extended center bolt and 4 pulley bolts.

A supercharger installed on a Holden 6 cylinder complete with the belt tensioner, This tensioner allows the use of standard radiator hoses and thermo housing.


We will be adding more info regarding our Aussiespeed Street Supercharging kits and components.