Aussiespeed Performance Manifolds Holden, Ford, Slant 6

Aussiespeed Inline 6 cylinder manifolds range is under going a few changes, the on going discussion of should a carb be run north south or east west has been mentioned many times. So we have decided to re work our existing manifold patterns to allow the manifolds to accept square bore carbs in either configuration.


AS0016-16 now accepts both sideways and front to back carb fitment.


AS0009-16 Holden 6 12 port manifold accepts 4 barrel squarebore carbs in either position and also has a new injector boss mounting position for lay back style fuel injection.


The Aussiespeed AS0024-16 is one of the most popular Slant Six manifolds on the market. It will now accept carbs in either sideways or front to back mounting.


Mounted with a Quick Fuel vacuum secondary carb the new Aussiespeed AS0024-16 long runner manifold and AS0106,  9 inch polished mopar style air filter.

ford 4.9L big 6 manifold suit 240 300 Ci

Ford inline 6 owners wanting a performance style intake manifold that will get your big 6 honking. The Aussiespeed AS0142 may be a new manifold to the 6 cylinder Ford Performance scene but it is making an impression on owners of the manifold.

Aussiespeed Ford 300 and 240 cubic inch intake manifold to suit 2 barrel carbs and Holley EFI throttle bodies.

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