Holden 6 supercharger kit Aussiespeed

The Aussiespeed Holden 6 cylinder supercharger kit fits both 9 port red motor and 12 port black/blue motor cylinder heads. The kit is supplied with most components for you to bolt it on with some common sense and basic tools. In the kit we have tried to supply just about every thing you need and apart from the harmonic balancer there should not be any additional machining required.


With our testing we used a chemically bonded Holden 6 cylinder harmonic balancer that was a standard neutral balance  rebuilt factory balancer fitted with an Aussiespeed AS0520 steel balancer hub that extends over the outer ring to stop the “pulley ” “outer ring” from flying forward. The balancer will available from our online store .


We recommend that you use at least a chemically bonded harmonic balancer when fitting a supercharger to your engine. Aussiespeed offer crank and snout hubs for use with aftermarket balancers like powerbond and Romac.


The simple step that is required to be machined into your Holden 6 balancer.


Note the centre with the raised boss, this locates into the machined step on the harmonic balancer to ensure the crank hub and pulley are located on the crankshaft centreline. The lower supercharger pulley also locates on a boss and 4 bolts to hold the pulley to the crank hub. We can supply chemically bonded harmonic balancers with the additional machining required done for not only  Holden but also Falcon 250 2V, Crossflow Ford, SOHC 3.9, 4.0, Hemi 6, Slant 6, Chevy V6, inline Chevy sixes, 240, 300 Ford big 6 and Holden V8 engines. After market steel performance harmonic balancers can also be used but may require a bevel to be machined on the centre to locate the bottom hub or pulley.


We have tried to get the blower belt tensioner to fit with factory hoses and thermo housings and to look neat and use components apart from the arm that can be purchased any where in the world. A drive snout support can be fitted and is recommended when fitting your supercharger, the support mounts back onto the engine block.


The Aussiespeed AS0521  bolt bottom crank pulleys are available with both male or female  stub on the pulley, where room is limited between the balancer and radiator or if you have a wide after market harmonic balancer like Romac, Power Bond, Ross, B&M or another brand the hub may not be required as the balancer can be drilled for the crank drive pulley to be fitted directly to the balancer.

We get many enquiries from people wanting to lay buy there supercharger kit, we know that building a car isnt cheap and rather than killing the credit card or getting a bank loan our payment plan can help you to plan without costing any extra unless there is a big shift in the US dollar that can raise the cost of the Weiand superchargers. Our lay buy system is simple we ask that you make regular repayments, if for some reason you fall on tough times just let us know. We have had customers pay of larger purchases over a 12 month period so dont be scared we will work with you.

The first kit we will explain is the Holden 6 cylinder 9 and 12 port basic kit, many upgrades and add ons are available but lets start with the basics. These kits are designed for street strip type application using most off the shelf parts. If you want a supercharger for an all out race engine or fuel injection and computer controlled ignition systems, or other exotic parts there are lots of companies out there that handle those extra bits you need.

Intake manifold will accept 142 or 144 Weiand superchargers, the manifold is supplied to suit a small block Chevy long water pump drive and a standard size harmonic balancer. The manifold is fitted with a backfire valve kit is machined on the head face and supercharger mounting face. Due to many different flange width and sizes with after market extractors additional triming of the manifold flanges may be required. Another new product available from Aussiespeed are our tubular headers in 1 5/8 for both red and blue motor Holden 6 cylinder engines.

Belt Tensioner bracket and spring loaded mechanical tensioner. The belt adjusting bracket is a sand cast aluminum clamp on style that fits to the machined section on the Weiand super charger drive and replaces the complete Weiand belt tensioner / adjuster including the large spring. The 2 piece conrod style tensioner bolts over the drive snout and the mechanical tensioner bolts to this and rotates to tighten the belt. The mechanical spring loaded adjuster is supplied with a flat idler pulley as it runs on the back side of the supercharger belt.


Crankshaft Hub and the bottom drive 6 rib pulley are supplied to suit a standard harmonic dampner that needs to have a small simple step machined in the centre where it fits on the crankshaft. We can supply a new balancer with the modification or you can send yours to us and we can do the machining process for you. The hubs are also available for larger aftermarket harmonic balancers but do require a hub to be fitted onto the supercharger drive snout also.

A supercharger 6 rib drive belt and socket head bolts for the pulleys and other bolts are supplied for the components supplied to suit the components supplied by Aussiespeed. A snout support that runs from the drive snout to the engine block is highly recommended and available from Aussiespeed, this is something that you may wish to fabricate your self as well as a support bracket from the manifold to the engine block.

So what you get for your money you can add extras but for the guys who want to workout bonnet height, radiator clearance or fabricate extra parts them self this kit includes the basics.

Machined satin finish Holden six Blower manifold.
Sand cast tensioner arm and mechanical tensioner assembly.
Steel wide face crank hub and 6 rib steel pulley 70mm .
Supercharger6 rib belt and required bolts.

Extras we can supply as additional components are Drive snout supports, manifold to engine block supports, Aussiespeed Big Tube Headers, ignition systems, Quick Fuel carburetors, Weiand Superchargers and spare parts as well as a range of different crankshaft adapters, many sizes of both 8 & 6 rib pulleys, bolts, fasteners and many other of the shelf components to complete your project

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