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Our Products in the USA

We shipped 2 Aussiespeed Endurance go karts to the Briggs & Stratton Motorsport facility in Milwaukee in the USA. The karts are to be used for engine testing and for displays at trade fairs and go kart events through out the USA and Canada. It was great to see our Aussiespeed banner hanging in the Briggs & Stratton Racing testing station along side outher great companies and brands like Summit racing who are also distributors of Briggs & Stratton Racing engines to the Junior Dragster Fraternity, Amsoil manufactures of Briggs 4T Amsoil 4 stroke small engine racing oil available @ http://gokartengineparts.com.au/product-category/engine-oil-tools-lubricants-lube-grease-cleaners/

The Briggs & Stratton 4T is now available in Australia.