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Dual 4 barrel Carbs

Aussiespeed is always looking at new products and to complement our range of performance intake manifolds and supercharger manifolds a new range allows inline 6 cylinder and at a later day V6 and V8 guys to fit twin 4 barrel carbs to most engines. Part number will be AS0139


Some will say why would you want to drown an inline 6 with dual 4 barrel carbs ? An engine needs air and fuel needs to be metered to match the airflow and 2x 600 Holley vacs set up with the secondries either disconnected or with ultra heavy springs the engine will only draw what it needs. Sure this set up isnt for a stock 161 Holden engine but with the right engine combo it can be tuned and give you a wild looking intake set up.


Holden 9 Port 2×4 barrel Aussiespeed intake manifold will accept Holley 390 upwards squarebore carbs in north south or east west mounting.

Ford 250 crossflow manifold

With 5 different manifolds in the dual 4 barrel range for the Ford 6 plus the blower intakes and 2 and 4 barrel carb intakes Aussiespeed have the largest range of Ford 6 cylinder manifolds.


Chevy inline dual quad intake manifold


With 6 of the best manifolds for Ford Alloy head crossflow engines from 2 barrel street manifolds Aussiespeed has most of your induction needs covered.

In the Aussiespeed 2×4 intake manifold range we currently have or will soon have available.

Holden Red Motor 9 Port

Holden 12 Port Black/Blue Motor

Chevy rectangular port 250/292 inline 6

Ford 250 2V cast iron head

Ford Crossflow alloy head

Ford 3.9 and 4.0 SOHC

Ford Barra DOHC 6 cylinder

Ford 240, 300 Big six

Slant 6 short runner 170 & 225

Hemi 6 cylinder short runner

Holden 253, 308 B cast Heads

Holden VN onwards 5.0L

Chevy 4.3L 1986 onwards Vortec heads

These manifolds will also accept the Weiand 142 or Weiand 144 supercharger when fitted with an Aussiespeed back fire valve kit.

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