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Mounting a Holley Carb sideways

For many different reasons people need or want to mount a Squarebore Holley or Quick Fuel carburetor sideways. If the intake manifold is not drilled for it and you have not got a full machine shop at your finger tips Aussiespeed have an option that requires basic tools to do the job.


The Aussiespeed AS0110 can be purchased on its own or as a kit.


fitted to an Aussiespeed Holden 6 manifold the AS0110 is only 12mm thick and when an AS0201 heat insulator is used only adds another 6mm.


Due to different plenum shapes some additional grinding may be required around the edges. The adapter was made under size as it is much easier to remove material than to add it. You will see there are only 3 studs fitted to the adapter and 3 counter sunk screws that fit to the original threaded holes in the manifold. One bolt 5/16 unc “not supplied” goes through the carburetor, adapter and manifold into an original tapped hole.


The adapter has been designed so the carburetor can be placed closer or further away from the cylinder head. This has been done so if there is shocker tower clearance problems in the engine bay or the carb touches the rocker cover it can be mounted either way.


As engines do not sit flat in a car the angle of the carb pad to get the carb to sit flat does not change.


The 5/16 unc bolt that goes through the carb, adapter plate and into the manifold.


This AS011o is being fitted to an Aussiespeed AS0016 Ford 6 cylinder crossflow engine, with the adapter plate fitted and the plate blended with a die grinder the 3 counter sunk bolts and 3 studs have been fitted.


The Aussiespeed heat insulator is CNC machined from Australian made phenolic material. Its purpose is to keep your carby cooler as it slows heat from the manifold heating the carb and fuel in the fuel bowls.


The Ford 6 crossflow that this is set up on is highly modified and performs better with the carb spacer fitted. A longer bolt with a lock nut was installed to keep the gasket between the manifold, adapter and carb spacer.


Done fitted and up and running and every thing reconnected this engine responded very well with repositioning of the carburetor. Not all engines will see gains from moving the carb sideway, it will depend on cam and cylinder head modifications.


Thanks to Tony from angry X performance for the Falcon conversion pics.