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Supercharger component update

We have really pushed forward on getting the proto types done, Our crank shaft hub is done and has the added feature of a steel outer flange that covers the external ring of the balancer, the balancer needs a small shoulder machined to locate the hub adapter then its 3 bolts to bolt it up then another 4 to secure the crank pulley.


We have decided on steel pulleys and hubs for our supercharger drives.


The supercharger balancer crank hub is available to suit different width harmonic balancers. There are 4 bolts to bolt the pully to the hub and the centre of the hub and pulley are both predrilled in the centre for people wanting to thread the end of the crank to fit a retaining bolt. From the balancer face the hub and pulley extend around 50mm


We want to use as many off the shelf parts in the Aussiespeed supercharger kits so replacement parts can be purchased just about any where. The bracket we had used previously with the Terra Charger had a much smaller diameter drive snout . We have modified the tensioner we had and mounted it on the other side of the supercharger belt adjustor.


We tried to incorporate the standard factory weiand sprung tensioner but because we need the tensioner run on the slack / non drive side the spring rotates the arem the wrong way around. We are still negotiating with a local spring maker to make the reverse spring so the Weiand supplied tensioner can be used.


This is the style tenisoner we look like we will go with, it is a bolt on style that uses an off the shelf spring loaded bolt on tensioner that can be used with either a flat or ribbed pulley.


Sorry about the picture quality, with the pieces bolted up you can use the standard alternator position and mounting bracket and v belt this also drives the water pump.


Supercharger Intake Manifolds

Its been super busy down here working on our new range of blower manifolds to suit a very large range of inline 6 cylinder engines.


We have our test fit engine an old Chevrolet 250 Cubic incher that was removed from a Chevy pick up. Once we remove the brackets and extra pulleys give it a wash and a coat of paint we can start the puzzle. We plan on 3 options supercharger wise. The Weiand 142 or Weiand 144, M90 Eaton from the L67 V6 Buick or super charged Commodore if you are in Australia and the M112 Eaton that was fitted to engines around 5.0L.


A semi machined manifold casting.